Water-Cement Ratio

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Grout Slump

Why is grout poured with such a high slump? Is this necessary? Wouldn't slumps that were closer to those for concrete provide higher strength walls? More

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Grout or mortar?

What is the difference between grout and mortar? Can mortar or concrete be used for grout? More

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Colored mortar concern

Water penetration problems are occurring in the dark-colored mortar joints of a masonry building we designed. Is this because the joints are colored? Does water penetrate colored mortars more than it does uncolored mortar? Is this because the pigments add more noncementitious material to the mix, reducing mortar strength? More

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Retempering mortar with water

I'm confused. I am a small-sized subcontractor that contracts for work in both concrete and masonry. Most inspectors don't let us add more water to concrete. For masonry mortar, however, some inspectors let us retemper with water and some don't. I know that adding extra water to concrete lowers its strength. Doesn't extra water also lower the strength of mortar? More

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