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Terminating through-wall flashing

How should you terminate masonry through-wall flashing at door jambs and at first floor windows that extend to the base of the masonry wall and are recessed from the face of the wall?I know that end dams are recommended; however, how can end dams be installed in these cases when the brick masonry is typically returned beyond the face of the window at the jambs? Should the end dam be placed in the first mortar joint in front of the window or door? In this case, what will happen to any leakage that may occur in the space between the end dam and the face of the window or door? More

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Deliverance from Damage: Restoration & Repair

Restoring badly deteriorated cast stone on a tight budget. More

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Sizing metal-door openings

What is the best way to size an opening for a metal door in a concrete masonry wall? Metal doors don't always fit well into typical modular concrete masonry openings. More

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Detailing concrete masonry lintels over metal frame doors

How should concrete masonry lintels be detailed over hollow metal door frames? We have 7-foot-high doors that are 7 feet, 2 inches at the top of the frames. The frames wrap around the 6-inch-thick concrete block wall. More

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