May 2008 Table of Contents

Smooth Sailing Ahead

On March 18, 1918, concrete history was made in a harbor near Oakland, Calif. The SS Faith was commissioned as a trading ship by the San Francisco Ship Building Co. It was the first U.S. concrete ship built for commercial use. Read more

Calculating Carbon Content Calculating Carbon Content

Concrete materials help control CO2 levels in green building projects. Read more

The Mason's Tool Bag Stone Veneers
Mast Climbing Work Platform Introduced at Conexpo

Give yourself an edge by staying on top of the latest masonry materials, tools, equipment, and services. Always use the reader service card, even if you call or visit the company's Web site. It's a guarantee you'll receive all product information updates. Read more

Residential Apprenticeship School Residential Apprenticeship School

Program teaches the skills needed for a successful and profitable career. Read more

“Project of the Year” Contest Masonry Construction's “Project of the Year” Contest
Automating Design Calculations Automating Design Calculations

QuickMasonry 2.0 saves time, evaluates alternative approaches, and reduces human error. Read more

Our Loss

Remembering Robert Nelson Read more

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