Category: Commercial
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Size: 6410145 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Stone Street Pavers - 55,486 s.f. Granite Curbs - 3,248 l.f. Stone Sidewalks - 67,064 s.f. Stone Planters - 8,800 s.f.Buildings: Exterior Walls/Columns/Soffits - 170,663 s.f. Interior Lobbies - 40,600 s.f.
Submitted by: Great Wash Park, LLC

Project Description

Coming out of the ground just as our world economy began to crash and burn, Tivoli Village is a gem that was destined to be salvaged and brought to fruition despite the devastated retail market in Las Vegas. Thanks to a dedicated development team, and investment partners who were able to see the timeless vision of the developer, Yohan Lowie, the project was completed. Despite the challenges, the finishes and tenants have remained world class, and the vision was not compromised. There are no artificial stone finishes anywhere on the property. Imperfections in the stone were left alone or even highlighted and enhanced for character. The buildings were detailed to look like separate side-by-side buildings that were built over hundreds of years. This allowed first floor tenants to select a small individual identity while upper floor tenants could occupy space, across multiple building facades, up to 40,000 s.f. The end result is a new shopping center that looks like the streets of Venice.

More than fifty percent of the exterior surfaces of Tivoli Village are covered by a variety of stone quarried from Israel, India, Egypt, Turkey, China, and Italy. From the granular limestone composite precast on the building cornices, to the solid carved marble columns, custom marble balustrades, granite curbs, sidewalks, and street pavers, stone has been used for structural, architectural, and artistic purposes throughout the project.

One of the most unique features at Tivoli Village is in the vibrant Pietra Dura murals. Pietra Dura is an ancient Roman art form in which different colored marbles are cut into pieces and set together like a puzzle (similar to a mosaic), but without the grout. The pieces are then glued together, and ground smooth, giving the appearance of a painting. Most of the Pietra Dura's are of vines, vases, or geometrical patterns with the grand piece being the clock face.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Yohan Lowie
Company: Principal Designer
Phone: (702) 656-5955

General Contractor's Name: Mark Henderson
Company: Level CM
Phone: (702) 947-2650

Masonry Contractor's Name: Mark Henderson
Company: Level CM
Phone: (702) 947-2650

Masonry Supplier's Name: Tyler Wahlenmaier
Company: Marble Unlimited, Inc.
Phone: (702) 940-6930