In my 37 years of officiating, I’ve only had four of my on-field calls challenged by a coach. No official wants to see the challenge flag, or be told by the referee that the booth is reviewing a play. But we understand that getting the call right is the reason why we serve.

Last week we announced our winners in the Masonry Construction’s Project of the Year contest. It was one of our most successful programs in years, despite the tough economic times our industry has faced. There were several prime examples of how mason contractors used their skills to make the building owners’ needs and dreams come true.

Soon after the announcement, we received an email containing a challenge flag. Mark Rose, Advanced Masonry’s vice president, has asked for a review of the judge’s ruling. The Oklahoma City-based contractor entered its work at First Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, Okla.

Rose is concerned that the judges were influenced more by the appearances of the many of the other projects than the effort it took to make a project successful. He is concerned that the judging criteria failed to recognize his team’s efforts in renovating one the oldest places of worship west of the Mississippi River.

The project is impressive. Advance Masonry’s craftsmen installed more than 44,000 pieces of cut masonry. Along with the sanctuary’s expansion was the requirement to retain the structure’s original quality as an English Gothic style. The project included a bell tower and extensive upgrade to the grounds. Working on behalf of the owner, Advance Masonry’s staff not only procured the proper materials, but completed the job on time, without interrupting the church’s daily activities.

If you haven’t seen this project, I urge you to review it and the other project submissions on our website,

So here’s your opportunity to serve as a replay official. Did the judges get the call right? In past years, we have two award winners in many of our categories. We all recognize that what makes masonry unique is its adaptability. This same quality makes it difficult to rate one project over another. Let me know what you think. All I’m asking for is a quick email answering the question: Should the First Presbyterian Church project be recognized?

And how well have I done with the replay booth? I had only 10 games in which there was a booth review to challenge my calls. And only one was reversed. In officiating terms, this ratio wasn’t exactly good. I guess there’s a good reason why I’m now working a lot of Friday nights.