Category: Municipal
Location: Carmel, IN
Size: 160000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 33,191 cubit feet of Indiana Limestone.
Submitted by: The Hagerman Group

Project Description

Hagerman Construction Corporation was proud to be an instrumental part in the creation of The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts facility completed in November of 2012. The exterior of this 160,000sf facility was predominately limestone but strategically incorporated the use of precast and granite at the base and upper areas of the building.

The building was designed using a composite wall system consisting of reinforced CMU veneered with limestone, precast and granite. Hagerman Construction's scope of work was limited to the limestone, precast, and granite veneers

This uniqueness of this project is displayed throughout the project, from the attention to detail provided by the design team, stone cutters and installers, to the schedule restraints requiring multiple crews to work multiple shifts through the winter, to site constraints mandating just in time material deliveries.

Several months of preconstruction planning were required by the project team to ensure everything came together as expected. In order to achieve this, the building was divided into 34 different elevations then broken down into subsets that consisted of 100 pieces of stone or less. This enabled the team to deliver only the required material and maximize the limited space onsite. The team worked flawlessly to deliver the stone to the site in their appropriate section and group, on time, and in order.

The size of the stone also proved to be a challenge, as the stone ranged from ten pounds to seven tons. This required creative hosting and rigging methods to be utilized in order to install the stone. When faced with a six foot cornice stone with a four foot overhang of the building, it had to fit the first time. Finally there were no room for errors when hitting this deadline and achieving perfection in an iconic finished product. The level of design, coordination and craftsmanship required and demonstrated was second to none. This job was on a calculated and specific schedule, with tight tolerances, in which each piece needed to be engineered and laid out spot on, and work just right. The team did an impeccable job of executing each elevation, down to every last stone.

This job has been described as a once in a lifetime project for the stone masons and has ranked with such projects as the old courthouses, opry houses, and turn of century buildings.

The Masons unique role in this project is seen by the magnitude and variation of stone. From columns weighing three to four tons, to smooth pieces of ashlar, followed by four foot wide pieces of cornice weighing six to seven tons; this speaks to the variety of stone types and sizes that were each individually numbered and laid.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Craig Williams
Company: David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc.
Phone: 202-862-0777

Architect of Record: Dan Moriarity
Company: CSO Architects
Phone: (317) 848-7800

Structural Engineer' s Name: Paul Brumleve
Company: Lynch Harrison Brumleve
Phone: (317) 423-1550

General Contractor's Name: Craig Dunkin
Company: W. R. Duncan & Sons, Inc.
Phone: (765) 643-3321

Masonry Contractor's Name: Evan Sutton
Company: Hagerman Construction Corporation
Phone: (317) 577-6836

Masonry Supplier's Name: William Bybee
Company: Bybee Stone Company, Inc.
Phone: (812) 876-2215