Based on a concept developed by a group of University of Oklahoma architecture students, The Brownstones is a community of high-end row homes. The homes are a hybrid of history and progressive thinking, intended to create a real “Oklahoma product” honoring the city's roots.

The Brownstones will ultimately include more than 120 two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half story row houses, located in the historic Maywood section of downtown Oklahoma City. They are individual homes, each with its own garage and entrance. Instead of sprawling outward, they are constructed vertically vertically with up to 3550 sq ft.

With sustainable building technologies, the Brown With sustainable building technologies, Brownstones are built to endure the test of time with low maintenance and upkeep costs. The brick cladding in designer colors highlights their unique design. The Brownstones feature materials such as slate tile, copper, and wrought iron, as well as BuildBlock ICF concrete substructures. The project was one of the first in the city to use ICF on a multi-family project.

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Project Participants

Owner/Construction Manager: Triangle Development, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Masonry Contractor: Al Slattery Masonry Inc., Oklahoma City, Okla.

Architect: TAP Architecture, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Masonry Suppliers: Trinity Brick, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Build Block, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Pro Cast, Marlow, Okla.