This article is an explanation of the major parts of a fireplace and what they do. The major parts are: ash dump; ash pit; breast; cap; chimney; damper; fireback; firebox; fireplace opening; flue lining; footing; foundation walls; inner hearth; lintel; mantel shelf; outer hearth; outside air inlet; smoke chamber; smoke shelf; spark arrestor; throat. BREAST Also called the fireplace face, the area above the fireplace opening and in front of the throat. DAMPER Used to regulate the draft from the firebox into the smoke chamber. FIREBOX The chamber were the fire is usually built. FLUE LINING The channel inside the chimney that carries smoke and gases to the outside. LINTEL A steel angle or reinforced masonry beam located above the fireplace opening to support the face of the fireplace. SMOKE CHAMBER Funnels smoke and gases from the fire into the chimney flue. SMOKE SHELF Prevents a downdraft from entering firebox and blowing smoke into the room. THROAT Slot directly above the firebox through which smoke and gases pass into the smoke chamber.