Category: Commercial
Location: Raleigh, NC
Size: 373737 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 26,000 block. 340,000 red closure brick. 280,000 tan closure brick. 7500 linear sq. ft. of precast
Submitted by: LPS Enterprises, Inc.

Project Description

LPS Enterprises Inc. took on its biggest project yet, when they were awarded the Stanhope Commons job in Downtown Raleigh, NC.

The job was awarded in December of 2010 with a start date of August 2011.The project quickly became six months behind schedule. With 340,000 red closure brick, 280,000 tan closure brick, 26,000 block, and 7500 linear feet of precast, the odds of finishing this job on time were slim. But LPS pulled it off, starting the job in January of 2012 and finishing in August of 2012, just in time for the student housing to open.

Due to the delayed schedule on the project, LPS used predominately hydraulic scaffold to facilitate the multiple mobilizations required to allow the General Contractor to dry in the 10-story high-rise as the masonry work progressed.

The contrasting brick colors, along with the precast accents, Halfen "floating" lintels, and Brixment old colonial mortar, are the standout features that set this project apart from the surrounding buildings.

Even through job set backs, numerous man hours, and conflicting schedules, Stanhope was completed in the summer of 2012, just in time for students to move in for the school year.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer
Company: Design Collective
Phone: (919) 381-9322

Structural Engineer
Company: BBM Asscoiates Inc.
Phone: (561) 750-1916

General Contractor
Company: Brasfield & Gorrie/ Clancy & Theys Joint Venture
Phone: (919) 790-9272

Masonry Contractor's Name: Michael Simmons
Company: LPS Enterprises, Inc.
Phone: (919) 554-1515

Masonry Supplier's Name: Kevin Scheele
Company: Adams Products
Phone: (919) 815-8125

Masonry Supplier's Name: Steve Frazier
Company: Custom Brick Company
Phone: (919) 422-9001

Masonry Supplier's Name: Mark Fairman
Company: P&D Precast
Phone: (252) 566-9811

Landscape Architect
Company: Design Collective
Phone: (919) 381-9322

Name: Denise Williford
Company: Caudle Sand and Rock
Phone: (919) 832-3385
Name: Greg Cochran
Company: White Cap
Phone: (919) 796-7049