Category: Residential
Location: St. Albans, MO
Size: 12840 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 56,000 closure size brick. 4 trailers of carved limestone. 2,000 square feet of Turkish marble.
Submitted by: St. Albans Construction

Project Description

The clients were fond of a home in Lenox, Massachusetts called the "Balantrye Castle". This was the starting point in the design process and proceeded to the impressive finished product.

The all brick and carved stone trimmed house has 12,840 square feet of living space and sits high above the Missouri river with incredible views. It has numerour walkways, terraces and verandas with Turkish marble paving.

The six masonry chimneys are loaded with detail and character with 48" herringbone fireboxes. The tallest chimney is 58'0" high.

There are numerous projected brick diamond bond patterns throughout the exterior of the home. There is a 6'0" stone finial sitting 40'0" above the front door connected to a structural brick, stone and block parapet. Intricately carved stone rails highlight the front entry terrace.

The outside room has (7) walk thru structural arches, a masonry fireplace, stone paving and a magnificent view of the Missouri river.

The home has 10 gables with 14/12 pitch. The home has 56,000 closure size brick, 4 trailers of carved limestone and 2,000 square feet of Turkish marble.

Commercial scaffolding was brought in to safely build the 3 1/2 story west gable and to reach a rear chimney that penetrated half way up the roof system.

This $600,000.00 masonry job was completed over a five month period.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Dick Busch
Company: Dick Busch Architects
Phone: (636) 530-7787

General Contractor's Name: Glenn Brinkmann
Company: St. Albans Construction
Phone: (636) 458-4884

Masonry Contractor's Name: John Spencer
Company: Spencer Brickwork, Inc.
Phone: (636) 391-0517

Masonry Supplier's Name: Jim Richards
Company: Richards Brick Co.
Phone: (314) 383-1750

Masonry Supplier's Name: Jerry Lager
Company: Lager Monument Co.
Phone: (618) 526-7792

Masonry Supplier's Name: Rob Harrison
Company: Earthworks
Phone: (636) 532-0713