Compact and versatile, skid-steer loaders are finding their way onto masonry jobsites everywhere. These little machines boast big power, have many attachments and can fit into tight places where larger machines just can't go. This makes them ideal for tight sites. Many attachments add to the versatility of skid-steer loaders. For instance, a bucket can be used to place sand near mortar mixers. When fitted with a pallet fork, skid-steers can function as a forklift on jobs that don't require multistory lifts. And several manufacturers produce mortar mixer attachments for their skid-steer loaders. However, it's important to remember that although many attachments are compatible between manufacturers, this may not always be the case. Most manufacturers of skid-steer loaders produce several models. Here are some of the more popular, newest or the top-of-the-line models.