Category: Institutional
Location: Middletown, DE
Size: 52000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Regional schist and granite, Limestone, Slate.
Submitted by: Voith & Mactavish Architects

Project Description

Situated on an idyllic campus in rural Delaware, the new LEED Gold Certified Sipprelle Field House at St. Andrew's School was designed to blend seamlessly onto the historic campus while incorporating contemporary elements using innovative building techniques. The 52,000 sf of space supports the school's mission of allowing all students to participate equally without compromise to their schedule. In its expanded form the new field house houses ten squash courts, a 5,000 sf weight and fitness area, a 20,000 sf field house, an exhibition basketball court, wrestling room, and multipurpose studio for yoga, along with locker rooms, laundry, and equipment storage.

Voith & Mactavish Architects and the engineers met with faculty, students, and teachers to establish programmatic priorities. These included increasing visibility throughout, improving circulation, and making the field house accessible from all sides of campus. ADA accessibility was increased and the new field house was designed to aesthetically complement the existing campus vernacular.

The existing buildings are made from local stone. In order to complement them a mix of local and regional stone, including Wissahickon Schist and granite were used on the exterior of the new field house. The main entrance is made of Indiana limestone, a typical detail on other buildings on campus. This limestone was also incorporated into an existing wall of the historic gymnasium to aesthetically tie the buildings together.

The masons who worked on this new building are descendants of the masons who completed the original buildings on campus. They were familiar with the blend of stones needed to execute the project. After mock-ups were created, the process was smoothly completed with stones that ranged in size from 12 to 18 inches in length and 9 inches high and in shades of gold, brown and gray.

Stone was used on the interior of the project as well, utilizing the regional schist and granite mix on an accent wall adjacent to the main entryway. The floor of the main lobby, window sills, and interior stairs were crafted out of local Pennsylvania slate.

Renovation work was completed on the historic gymnasium to update underutilized spaces to support the overall program of the building. New windows were cut into the masonry wall on the main facade to draw light into what was a dark and depressed space. The historic portion of the existing gymnasium was made accessible by adding a new entryway and elevator, along with ADA compliant restrooms. HVAC and fire protection systems were also upgraded.

A factor that helped the school achieve LEED Gold Certification was the use of local and regional materials. Over 16% (calculated by cost) of the building's materials were extracted, processed and manufactured within 500 miles of the site, promoting the regional economy and reducing the embodied energy created from transporting materials long distances. These regional materials include concrete, landscaping materials such as mulch, the roof membrane, metal studs and gypsum board. Over 20% (calculated by cost) of the building's material will be from recycled content. The following materials are made of recycled material: concrete, steel structure, the fitness room floor, the ceiling tiles, and the ceramic tile, to name some of the most visible.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Daniela Voith
Company: Voith & Mactavish Architects
Phone: (215) 545-4544

Structural Engineer' s Name: Robert MacIntosh
Company: MacIntosh Engineering
Phone: (302) 252-9200

General Contractor's Name: Hugh McGettigan
Company: Warfel Construction Company
Phone: (717) 299-4500

Masonry Contractor
Company: South Delaware Masonry
Phone: (302) 378-1998

Masonry Supplier
Company: Vickery Stone Company
Phone: (610) 449-8900

Masonry Supplier
Company: Indiana Stone Works
Phone: (812) 279-0448

Landscape Architect's Name: Rodney Robinson
Company: Rodney Robinson Landscape Architects
Phone: (302) 888-1544