Teeming with energy and creativity, it's a lively place where you can hear hot jazz, dance in the French Quarter, stroll along the Mississippi River, and revel in history. Yes, it's the Big Easy, the city of New Orleans --, which is also the home for the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), a pre-professional training school that has produced talents ranging from jazz trumpet player Wynton Marsalis to Saints cornerback Ashley Ambrose.

NOCCA's recently relocated riverfront campus is an award-winning project that used various masonry materials, along with other construction products, to weave together 3 of the city's oldest warehouses with 2 new buildings. The juxtaposition of assorted materials in different shapes is intended to break down the scale of the 124,000-square-foot complex .

Project Participants

Owner: The NOCCA Institute, New Orleans
Architects: Mathes Brierre Architects, New Orleans, and Billes/Manning Architects, New Orleans, a joint venture
General Contractor: Brice Building Co., New Orleans
Structural Engineer: Morphy Makofsky Inc., New Orleans
Masonry Contractor: Rush Masonry Inc., New Orleans