"I defy anybody to go through this type of wall with a jackhammer, let alone the kinds of implements inmates have access to," says county engineer Dowe Stinson about the new Madera County Adult Correctional Facility located just outside Madera, California. Stinson was responding to critics who thought that concrete masonry wasn't secure enough for a prison. ENERGY EFFICIENT In addition to high security, insulated concrete masonry offers a degree of thermal efficiency that is critical in facilities like these that are occupied 24 hours a day. Insulated block saves money for the taxpayers who ultimately foot the bill. ECONOMICAL The architectural block reduced the cost of the projects too. Part of the cost savings at the Madera facility were due to rapid construction and a smaller labor force. Architectural concrete masonry kept the wall construction to a one-trade job: masonry. Insulation contractors, precast or tilt-up erection contractors, carpenters, and plasterers were not needed.