Category: High-Rise
Location: Kansas City, MO
Size: 180,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 362,000 EA modular face brick, 27,000 EA CMU, 2,300 EA cast stone units.
Submitted by: JE Dunn Construction

Project Description

Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City's new 180,000 SQ. FT., 10-story high rise building houses their Mid America Heart Institute Center. The new facility includes the latest technology and amenities for procedural care, specialty intensive care units, and private patient rooms with areas for family members, a wellness pavilion, expanded research space, additional parking and green space. Saint Luke's heart and vascular program features one of the 10 largest transplant programs in the country, staffs the largest team of cardiologists and surgeons in the region, and pioneered more than 115 cardiovascular research trails. The building was built to be vertically expanded in the future.

The masonry scope for the project consists of modular brick veneer and cast stone at the exterior facade and interior block CMU at the elevator and stair shafts. Hoisting for the masonry work was provided by two tower cranes at each end of the tower. Scaffolding utilized consisted of hydraulic tower scaffolding with small amounts of conventional and crank-type scaffolding as needed.

The front and rear entry elevations consist of alternating full-height vertical panels of glass curtain wall and modular brick masonry. The brick veneer backup system consisted of metal studs with exterior gypsum board sheathing and fluid applied air barrier and glazing system installation. Also with the interior finish work of the upper 4 floors completing ahead of the lower floors, the masonry was first installed at the 5th floor relief angles, to help get the building enclosed. Later the lower floors were then installed from ground level up to 5.

The brick veneer is mainly modular in size, with small amounts of closure modular at accent areas. Three colors of brick were used, with a blend of reds as the field, and a dark plum and light tan used for accent. Multiple brick patterns and bonds were utilized with the different colors and sizes of bricks, such as flemished bond with accent colored headers, Flemish bond with accent colored patterns, alternating soldier and header courses of different colors and sizes, and stack bonds.

Cast stone was utilized within the brick facade as accent bands, wall panels, and parapet copings. The stone ranged from small 8" tall band pieces of 9'x9' panels. The panels were hoisted from the ground with tower cranes to the hydraulics scaffolding. Mounted to the top of the scaffolding was a beam and trolley system where the panels were hosted via chain-fall to their final locations. The cast stone panels then were anchored to the structure with stainless steel trap anchors and pins.

Despite the many challenging masonry patterns, installation sequencing with various other trades, and fast-paced schedule, the project was a success in terms of budgets and Owner turnover.

Project Participants

Owner: Stephanie Campbell, Saint Luke's Health System

  • Architect/Desinger: Jerry Baker, ACI/Boland
  • Structural Engineer: Krishna Saha, Structural Engineering Associates
  • General Contractor: Derek Cox, JE Dunn Construction
  • Masonry Contractor: Bill Lipp, JE Dunn Construction
  • Masonry Subcontractor: Rick Riley, Hoffman Cortes Contracting Company
  • Masonry Supplier: Evan Schnegelberger, Kansas City Brick Company
  • Masonry Supplier: Nathan Jump, Heritage Cast Stone
  • Landscape Architect: David Campbell, HNTB
  • Other: JE Dunn Construction