Category: Institutional
Location: South Jordan, UT
Size: 48,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 105,000 8x8 bricks, 9,000 precast stone: 1560cmu, 28645 glazed, 1,319 honed, and 22,929 split 315.
Submitted by: Pasker Gould Ames & Weaver, Inc.

Project Description

Creating an extremely durable building while also making the spaces inviting was also a major goal for the school. The from the beginning, the aesthetic and maintenance goals lead the team to decide on brick exterior with concrete masonry interior through the use of patterned/honed cmu, and bold glazed colors.

As the first impression, the facade of the building was critical for creating that inviting feel for the school. Brick banding and color accents allowed the design team to work closely with the owners to develop a well-balanced look that also had enough detail/character to bring it to a human scale. Working directly with the supplier, we developed two custom brick color blends as well as coordinate different brick size options that would help meet budgetary constraints. The precast stone veneer base also incorporated various sizes, chambered corner units, and the detailing of a bullnose element to add a level of refinement to the building.

With the brick veneer over traditional cmu wall construction as well as rather new thermal wall system incorporating heavy gauge studs, the team scheduled several site visits from multiple product manufacturers to ensure coordination and an understanding of how each product integrated together. This also allowed for discussion between the various trades to ultimately develop the plan by which the entire site could be accessed by a single construction crane (without the need to relocate during different phases of construction).

The exterior masonry pattern was incorporated into the interior by carrying the horizontal banding throughout the honed cmu as accent color. This banding also helped regulate the window sizes and mullion spacing. The large spaces are complemented by the masonry, such as piers and banding to create a more human scale to the grand main lobby. Bold maroon glazed base in each hallway incorporate the school colors throughout to create a unifying concept.

A great deal of coordination with the structural steel frame. The mason went above and beyond what is typically done in the industry by working directly with the steel detailer/erector to recreated modeled steel framing that allowed them to accurately detail the exact heights, dimensions, etc. of all of the rake walls, angles, and slopes for the roof framing.

The school also provides opportunities to build student confidence and self-worth. Multiple student gardens, including two interior planters built of honed and glazed cmu as well as integral colored precast caps to hold four 16' tall Benjamin fig trees for the students to take care of.

"One of my staff said, 'I can't believe they think this much of us to give us this school.' I guess the students aren't the only ones who will feel more valued with the new building!"

Project Participants

Owner: Jordan School District

  • Architect/Desinger: Craig Ames, Pasker Gould Ames & Weaver, Inc.
  • Structural Engineer: Chris Hofheins, BHB Consulting Engineers
  • General Contractor: Rufe Eagan, Copper Valley Construction, Inc.
  • Masonry Contractor: Jerry Hofheins, J.H. Masonry, Inc.
  • Masonry Supplier: Brian Buehner, Buehner Block
  • Masonry Supplier: Mark Hedman, Interstate Brick