Constructed early in this century, the Greek School building of Saint Vasilios suffered severe deterioration of its clay tile bearing walls due to unorthodox original construction and poor maintenance. Restoring clay tile is a painstaking lengthy procedure involving the following steps: 1. Removing all loose stucco from the clay tile and mechanically abrading and water-blasting the units to their original surfaces. 2. Raking out and repacking deteriorated face-shell joints with latex-modified cementitious mortar. Only face shells were rehabilitated, as webs were not accessible. 3. Rubbing on paste slurry and applying a scratch coat of latex-modified mortar and coarse aggregate to reduce shrinkage. 4. Installing stiffening ribs. These were intermittent structural steel tubes, run vertically between points of lateral bracing and tied back to the floor or roof diaphragms. Although the restored clay tile wall system was unreinforced, the stiffening ribs bolted into the many-windowed north wall at 24 inches on center would make the whole system work in a ductile manner, as would a reinforced masonry wall.