Category: Institutional
Location: Reno, NV
Size: 297,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 212K Emperor 4x4x16, 4x4x16 3slots, 42K Atlas 8x4x16 structural brick, and Mod. paver.
Submitted by: Interstate Brick

Project Description

The large oversized 4x16 faced veneer and structural brick are a perfect match for large scale building. A uniques percentage of red and black brick were blended together to add interest, character and personality to large masses of wall. Small brick get lost in a building and lose their uniqueness. A mason contractor can lay almost twice the square footage of Emperor brick in a day compared to modular brick consequently Emperor brick cost less to install and reduce the time a mason is on the job. Atlas brick became the perfect addition to the site as retaining walls providing aesthetics as well as structure thereby eliminating the added cost of veneer and concrete retaining walls. The large overhead arches took advantage of the strength and beauty of the reinforced Atlas brick as the form and the strength of the structure. The structural arches used a 3 slotted unit adding further detail and interest while eliminating costs.

This building is adjacent to the Crowley Student Union Building which is also constructed out of these same brick colors which increases the magnitude and strength of the campus.

Project Participants

Owner: Lyle Woodward, University of Nevada at Reno

  • Architect/Desinger: Max Hershenow, H&K Architects
  • Structural Engineer: Roger Hyytinen, Hyytinen Engineering
  • General Contractor: Dean Whellams, Q&D Construction, Inc.
  • Masonry Contractor: Billy Wells, Bratton Masonry
  • Masonry Supplier: Jeff Elder, Interstate Brick Company
  • Masonry Supplier: Gary Indiano, Basalite Block