Category: Commercial
Location: Dallas, TX
Size: 151000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: This is a total masonry building.
Submitted by: Advanced Cast Stone, Inc.

Project Description

This building is an all masonry building consisting of brick, cast stone, architectural precast, and GFRC. The combined use of cast stone, architectural precast, and GFRC of architecturally compatible profiles is the innovative design concept on this project. The architect, with the input of Advanced Cast Stone's design team, specified the building's exterior using cast stone, architectural precast, and GFRC at their optimum engineered use. By combining the use of the 3 materials, structural and installation savings were achieved in the upper portion of the building by using GFRC which is 50% of the weight of the other materials; using cast stone in sizes that could be hand set in many areas saving material and installation cost; and using architectural precast for the areas requiring structural support. Because of Advanced Cast Stone's unique finishing and color processes, three products are indistiguishable from a visual perspective. Architects are often concerned about different products of the same design on one building because they often have a varying surface and color appearance. Advanced Cast Stone has worked to refine the products to create a visual compatibility. In addition to the innovative use of different, but compatible, masonry products the project also reflects the design complexity that these products can achieve. The main entry to the building is on a redius requiring mold accuracy as a critical component of the job. A complex series of arches at the ground level were of compound radius design; with the jam pieces of the arches tapering to a smaller arch on the reverse or inside. The number, accuracy, and complexity of molds reflect the manufacturing intensity and creativity shown on this project.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Scott Wegener
Company: Good Fulton & Farrell
Phone: (214) 303-1500

Structural Engineer
Company: Datum Engineers Incorporated
Phone: (214) 358-0174

General Contractor's Name: Jonathan Haywood
Company: Andres Construction
Phone: (214) 521-2118

Masonry Contractor's Name: Rod Butler
Company: Metro Masonry Construction, Inc.
Phone: (972) 881-8100

Landscape Architect's Name: Kimberly Phillip
Company: Good Fulton & Farrell
Phone: (214) 303-1500