Category: Municipal
Location: Beckley, WV
Size: 65,531 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 126,800 modular bricks, 6,500 blocks, 2,900 inset pavers, and 400,000 lbs architectural precast.
Submitted by: Lang Masonry Contractors Inc.

Project Description

The Raleigh County Judicial Center, located in Beckley, WV, involved multiple types of masonry work. The 1.06 million dollar project included 126,800 modular brick, 6,500 block, 400,000 lbs of architectural precast and 2,900 inset pavers.

This new construction had several challenging factors. The Courthouse was being built adjacent to a busy corner city street and in between existing downtown buildings. Particular attention had to be paid to the building facades as well as traffic issues. The new construction was being tied into an existing stone structure, but Lang could not attach or set scaffolding on this new structure due to weight limit constraints. When we reached higher elevations, an I-beam was set on the parapet and anchored to the new building to alleviate any weight from resting on the older existing structure.

On site storage was limited and most of the stone was stored in the basement of the building during construction.

At 70 feet high, the clock tower, constructed of modular brick and architectural precast, presented challenges. Masonry material had to be lifted with a crane onto work platforms.

Project Participants

Owner: Raleigh County Building Commission

  • Architect/Desinger: Sean Simon, Silling Associates
  • Structural Engineer: Shelley Metz Baumann Hawk
  • General Contractor: Jim Bowyer, G&G Builders
  • Masonry Contractor: Melvin Schwendeman, Lang Masonry Contractors Inc.
  • Masonry Supplier: Houchins Block
  • Masonry Supplier: Peerless Brick & Block
  • Masonry Supplier: Rick Workman, Southside Precast