Category: Institutional
Location: Glendale, NY
Size: 59000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Concrete masonry units 25,000 SF Face brick (2 colors,3 sizes) 20,000 SF Glazed masonry units 300SF
Submitted by: La Rocca Greene Architects LLC

Project Description

The PS 113 Queens project is a two story 59,200 SF addition to an existing landmark eligible school in a residential neighborhood of two and three story, gable-roofed small scale houses. For compatibility with the existing school architecture and the neighborhood context, the Architect designed the addition with low massing, gabled parapets and modulated street facades clad with brick and precast trim similar to the existing school. The special masonry design features included horizontal brick bands and vertical piers, glazed accent colors and contrasting trim and window surrounds to complement the existing building, provide neighborhood scale and cheerful colors at the entrances and playground.

The masonry contractor provided the high quality brick veneer/CMU cavity wall assembly to meet the rigorous NYC School Construction Authority standards for workmanship, water resistance, durability and sustainability. Extensive quality control measures and inspections focused on flashing details, end dams, brick ties, insulation, and continuous air barriers for long term water resistance and energy savings. The contractor provided coordination of the masonry work with related structural steel attachments, cast stone trim, insulation, air and water barriers, shelf angles, flashing and windows.

Skilled masons implemented the special designs for brick patterns, stacked bond trim, glazed masonry accent colors, circular window surrounds, arched doorway trim, gable shaped parapets and the vertical bell tower with precision, demonstrating pride in their craft.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Keith Greene
Company: La Rocca Greene Architects LLC
Phone: (914) 967-3494

Structural Engineer' s Name: Susan Bacas
Company: Ysrael A. Seinuk
Phone: (212) 687-2233

General Contractor's Name: Vincent Ianelli
Company: Ianelli Construction
Phone: (718) 836-2000

Masonry Contractor's Name: Paschal McKeirnan
Company: Kel-Tech Constrcution
Phone: (718) 383-3353

Masonry Supplier
Company: Glenwood Masonry Supply
Phone: (718) 859-6500

Masonry Supplier
Company: Queens Brick and Stone
Phone: (973) 324-2104

Masonry Supplier
Company: Accurate Precast Company
Phone: (718) 345-2910