Category: Institutional
Location: Provo, UT
Size: 178583 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Precast Concrete- 5,177 pieces. Brick- 73,760. Block- 116,959.
Submitted by: Brailsford Cast Stone, Inc

Project Description

In 2009, Provo School District decided it would need to build a new school to replace the aged Farrer Building, built in the 1930s, Construction on Provo Peaks Elementary began adjacent to the old facility, and careful consideration was taken to maintain the integrity of the old school's design. Before Elementary was demolished, the original terracotta panels and medallions were cut from the building. These pieces were to be incorporated into the new school using innovative precast techniques to preserve their unique design. Utilizing the terracotta as models, Brailsford Cast Stone cast new molds of the panel systems and medallions, exactly replicating the terracotta designs. Using color matching and staining techniques, the new precast panels are virtually indistinguishable from 80 year old originals. The durability of Brailsford's precast product is sure to uphold the architectural beauty of the original terracotta for many years to come.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Curtis Livingston
Company: Sandstrom & Associates Architecture
Phone: (801) 229-0088

Structural Engineer
Company: Bsumek Mu and Associates P.C
Phone: (801) 575-8223

General Contractor
Company: Hogan & Associates
Phone: (801) 951-7000

Masonry Contractor's Name: Kevin Doyle
Company: Doyle Hatfield Masonry
Phone: (801) 423-3755

Masonry Supplier's Name: Jerry Brailsford
Company: Brailsford Cast Stone, Inc
Phone: (801) 491-6272

Masonry Supplier
Company: Interstate Brick
Phone: (801) 280-5200

Masonry Supplier
Company: Buehner Block
Phone: (801) 467-5456

Landscape Architect
Company: Berg Engineering Resource Group P.C
Phone: (435) 657-9749