St. Louis Community College debuted the first building on its new campus in Wildwood, MO., in time for the 2007-2008 school year. The campus, built in response to the population growth in west St. Louis County, replaces the West County Education Center to serve as a full-service institution. The entire campus is being built in three phases. The first building includes high-tech classrooms and labs, offices, student services, a bookstore, a multipurpose room, rooms equipped to send and received instruction by interactive television and high-speed access by cable, as well as wireless connectivity within and around the campus site.

The first building on St. Louis Community College's new Wildwood campus is a 73,500-square-foot, three-story facility designed to make an impact. Intricate masonry detail is integral to the design of the facility, both on the interior and exterior.

The exterior consists of 240,000 red brick and 7,300 pieces of prairie stone. Brick detail was incorporated on almost every surface of the exterior, with the exception of the brick towers. Details include recessed brick along piers between windows and at all corners of the building. There also are border table transitions from the prairie stone up to the brick. Prairie stone is incorporated throughout the exterior, with the main feature being a curved wall at the rear of the building. A combination of smooth and rock-faced prairie stone sills add texture.

Due to its double curve, the colonnade at the main entrance of the building was the most challenging installation. The colonnade starts out straight toward the rear and curves forward to form a covered walkway. To save the client money, Leonard Masonry recommended cast stone instead of prairie stone for the archways. It arrived in 3-1/2 to 4-foot sections with face pieces for the front and back and soffits in between. There were three pieces for each section. While the manufacturer had the hardest task of creating these double-curved pieces, the installation itself also required a number of field adjustments. Leonard Masonry had to carefully line everything up to maintain a smooth curve throughout the walkway. The rotunda at the rear was less challenging; even though it had curved pieces, they were smaller, and there were no arches.

Masonry runs through the core of the building. The columns on the rotunda area at the rear are visible on the interior as well. The interior further includes brickwork that extends alongside the stairwell up to the roofline.

St. Louis Community College pursued LEED certification for the project. Leonard Masonry contributed to the certification by sorting construction waste, using recycled materials (mainly rebar and wall ties), and using material suppliers within a 500-mile radius. Additional LEED elements include environmentally friendly materials and architecture, including sustainable green-roof technology and a daylight harvesting lighting system. The exceptional craftsmanship is evident in the intricate brick and prairie stone detail as well as the beautiful cast stone colonnade.

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