As I grow older, I’m starting to look for opportunities to participate in active learning activities.

Last month I saw the work that the Concrete Preservation Institute is doing in cooperation with the National Park Service at Alcatraz. Students are involved in a 10 week program during which they learn to perform concrete repairs on some of the park structures. For the most part these activities are on low priority and non-structural repair projects.

The program is designed to provide hands-on opportunities for students, ex-military, and other professionals in this rapidly growing industry. It’s an interesting program that is growing, with hopes to expand to other National Park Venues.  Their web site is

They’re not only institution offering hands-on training programs. Adventures in Preservation often opportunities similar projects around the world. I’ve posted their most recent offering in this newsletter.

So my question today is, “Does anyone know of any other similar programs being offered?”  And just as important, have you participated on this type of experience?

I’ll follow up next month with a list of potential summer activities.