Category: Institutional
Location: Franklin, TN
Size: 119,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 300,000 Modular Size "Orleans" Brick, 10,000 sq. ft. Arriscraft Renaissance Rocked & and Smooth,145,000 CMU.
Submitted by: Lovell's Masonry, Inc.

Project Description

In keeping with the small town charm that has been drawing people to Franklin, Tennessee for generations, the Pearre Creek Elementary School with its warm appeal invites you to come closer and explore. With complementing themes of old historic mansions and the courthouses of our grandfathers, the stone base and familiar comfort of the red brick veneer put students at ease as they approach the entry doors. At the same time, the angular definition of the corners and columns as well as the modern stone accents assure the child that the educators within the walls stand well prepared to enlighten the young minds in their charge with the most up to date methods.

The Boral "Orleans" brick blends well with the adjacent homes in the Westhaven community. The concrete blocks that form the structure of the school were manufactured in the nearby cities of Nashville and Murfreesboro thus reducing any negative impact on the environment longer deliveries would have caused. The excellent craftsmanship of the bricklayers encourages the curious to take a closer look and run his finger through the smooth masonry joints and across the texture of the brick and stone veneer. The masonry design of Pearre Creek Elementary echoes the timelessness of the proud historic buildings in Franklin, Tennessee into which it shall one day be included among its number.

Project Participants

Owner: Kevin Fortney, Williamson County School

  • Architect/Desinger: Charles Johnson, Johnson + Bailey Architects, P.C.
  • General Contractor: David Fraizer, D.F. Chase, Inc.
  • Masonry Contractor: David Lovell, Lovell's Masonry, Inc.
  • Masonry Supplier: Alley-Cassetty
  • Other: Structural Affiliates International
  • Other: Boral Bricks
  • Other: Southland Brick & Block