What used to take several days is now easily done in hours with StoneCraft Outdoor Living Products. These turnkey solutions create custom looks and rugged style with outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and mailboxes. And they deliver the rich dimension of StoneCraft's authentic manufactured stone veneer.

StoneCraft provides these fast outdoor entertaining solutions for builders, architects, landscape specialists, and homeowners through the strength and light weight of glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Along with the base GFRC product form, mortar and stone veneer are included for a total instant solution. The GFRC provides integrity at a small fraction of the weight of traditional concrete, with products carrying a limited 50-year warranty.

"These are fireplace units you can put together in 20 minutes and finish stoning in the same day," says John Petty, owner of John Petty Masonry in Michigan. "Other fireplace kits I've installed would take me a week, and you needed two other guys to do it. The way the StoneCraft fireplace is designed, I can easily pick it all up by myself and put the three pieces together. The firebox just clicks into place."

Petty, in business for 15 years, has noticed an increase in demand for outdoor entertaining spaces the last few years. "In communities I serve, it seems like everyone wants a fireplace out on their deck. The StoneCraft fireplace doesn't need a foundation, so you can actually put it right out on the deck. That's a real benefit, because for example in Michigan, you would need a 42-inch foundation for a load-bearing masonry fireplace."

Further simplifying installation, the products in the new StoneCraft line come with a pre-applied scratch coat. This eliminates the day or more of waiting for a newly applied coat to dry.

Able to burn both gas and wood, StoneCraft fireplaces can warm up outdoor entertainment areas, creating a welcoming hearth.

At the front of the home, a StoneCraft mailbox makes an immediate, impressive statement. A statuesque upgrade from wood, metal or plastic, a stone mailbox creates personal style and can be combined with other Outdoor Living Products to extend rugged charm around the home.

"I do quite a few masonry mailboxes. Prior to this product, it was a two-day job of digging a hole, pouring a footing, letting it set and then putting up your stone or brick mailbox," Petty notes.

StoneCraft, a sustainable product, is a division of The Tapco Group, a U.S. Green Building Council Member. For more information, visit www.StoneCraft.com or call 888-580-6448.

With StoneCraft Outdoor Living Products masons can build fireplaces, fire pits, or mailboxes in one day. The lightweight, versatile products and authentic stone veneer give homeowners affordable luxury with the prestige of stone.