Harvard University’s Tozzer Anthropology Building is an adaptive reuse project for which Sheila Kennedy, professor of the practice at MIT’s School of Architecture, intended stay within the limits of the neighborhood aestethic but those limits were transcended thanks to a 'digitally designed monumental entryway.' Kennedy and Violich Architecture (KVA) developed software program capable of the calculating the geometries of the corbeled masonry wall for Tozzer's entry way.

Nazneen Cooper, assistant dean for campus design and planning at Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences spoke on how Kennedy transformed the building:

“Tozzer was a building that had outlived it envelope,” says Cooper, who collaborated with Kennedy and her team throughout the renovation. “But it still existed in a specific context with specific parameters. We wanted to embellish and reinvigorate Tozzer without completely eliminating it. One can only alter a building so much before the operation ceases to be a transformation. And Sheila understood that.”

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