Category: Institutional
Location: Galion, OH
Size: 174,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 283,480 blocks, 16,808 split face veneer, and 87,049 4x4x16 monarch bricks.
Submitted by: Lang Masonry Contractors Inc.

Project Description

The Northmor K-12 School in Galion, Ohio was an extremely large construction site, to walk around the new building you would travel mile. The 3.26 million dollar masonry project consisted of 283,480 block, 16,808 split face veneer and 87,049 monarch brick.

Lang Masonry Contractors spent 15 months on this construction site, beginning in January of 2010 and completing the job in May 2011, spending two winters on the site. This presented enormous challenges due to winter conditions. Two temporary heated shelters were built for storage of material and mixing of grout and mortar. Lang Masonry Contractors had between 25 and 50 men on the job site during this project.

Sound block were installed in several locations throughout the buildings, which help to absorb sound by preventing echoing in the gymnasiums and auditoriums in the building.

The Northmor K-12 School was a LEED certified project. Lang Masonry Contractors fulfilled our LEED requirements in several ways. First, from our sister company, EZ Grout Corporation, we used the Hog Crusher On-Site Recycling System to crush debris, including brick, block and mortar. Using this system, 243,428lbs of waste was recycled into the job site instead of being diverted to a landfill. Secondly, this crushed material was used as fill on the job site as well as providing clean roadways which helped to reduce dirt, mud and dust on the jobsite. These LEED actions resulted in cost savings to the owner.

Project Participants

Owner: Northmor Local School District

  • Architect/Desinger: MKC Associates
  • General Contractor: Brian Swope, Quandel Group
  • Masonry Contractor: Melvin Schwendeman, Lang Masonry Contractors Inc.
  • Masonry Supplier: Dave Glasser, Cement Products
  • Other: Architectural Concrete Casting Inc.