Category: Institutional
Location: Paragould , AR
Size: 228000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 31,100 Burnish CMU. 47,400 Split-face CMU. 316,800 CMU. 400,000 Brick.
Submitted by: R & G Masonry

Project Description

In 500 words or less, explain the project and its unique use of masonry materials and techniques. : The New Golden Eagle High School is a complete High School replacement for the Greene County Tech School District at Paragould Arkansas. The new building was placed on the site of the first high school in Greene County, this building was destroyed by fire in 1932 and later rebuilt on another site.

The new building is over 228,000 sqft and houses approximately 782 students from grades 9-12. The design of the building is about 50% load bearing masonry with structural steel, pre-engineered metal building and concrete finishing off the balance.

The innovative design of the outside load bearing CMU walls allowed for a large cavity for insulation. A combination of buff colored split-face CMU, traditional red brick, and red and gray burnished CMU make up the veneer colors, and with the green roof the building is aesthetically pleasing. The masonry veneer also has eight projections for an added feature. The main entrance is a clock tower canopy veneered with burnished CMU, the secondary entrances are also burnished CMU with projections correlating with the split-face and brick, these secondary entrances also have burnished CMU surrounds and rounded tops, that vary in size to one another.Once you have entered the facility you are surrounded by color split-face CMU, burnish CMU, and brick columns. Entrances into the arena, auditorium, and academic wings look similar to those outside, utilizing the same color brick and burnished CMU as the exterior. Using these materials on the interior is a future cost savings to the owner for the lack of maintenance and painting. Another cost saving method in this building is that six of the classrooms double as tornado safe rooms.

One of the most impressive parts of this building is its auditorium, this is a true masonry showcase, when entering the 1,000 seat auditorium you are surrounded by brick walled corridors that open up to burnished CMU walls, brick columns, ramps and hand rails that are full of workmanship by true craftsmen. The stage is centered between two brick columns with the schools logo in precast medallions on each side. Masonry in this area you cannot see is that the demising walls that are double wythe 8” CMU, a total of over 56,000 units in these four walls alone. The orchestra pit is also masonry and incorporated sound blocks in its construction.

Added features in this building are a single course of burnished CMU at the base, of public areas, that complement the polished concrete floors. Some walls have a 2 5/16” bull-nose CMU cap that provides an appealing transition to the wall above.

This project included over 395,300 CMU, of that 47,400 are split- faced, 31,100 are burnished, with over 400,000 brick. All of the CMU and brick were manufactured within 20 miles of the job site.

Some of the innovative construction techniques used on this project include: Hydro Mobile scaffolding, EZ Grout wall braces and crusher that fits on a Bobcat. With the use of this crusher not one load of masonry debris was hauled off from this site, all of the masonry waste was crushed and used for infill and lay down areas.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Mark Enos
Company: Stuck Associates Architects
Phone: (870) 932-4271

Structural Engineer' s Name: Larry Pijut - Project Manager
Company: Jacobs
Phone: (501) 954-2933

General Contractor's Name: David Dancer - Project Manager
Company: Baldwin & Shell Construction Company
Phone: (870) 910-5400

Masonry Contractor
Company: R & G Masonry Contractors
Phone: (870) 935-8042

Masonry Supplier's Name: Dale Adams - Contact
Company: Nettleton Concrete
Phone: (870) 932-4400

Masonry Supplier
Company: Acme Brick
Phone: (870) 932-0463

Masonry Supplier's Name: David May - Contact
Company: Ash Grove Packaging
Phone: (501) 831-2983