Category: Institutional
Location: Hood River, OR
Size: 195474 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Brick and other masonry material: decorative precast concrete, parapet caps, window sills.
Submitted by: Opsis Architecture

Project Description

In 500 words or less, explain the project and its unique use of masonry materials and techniques. : The exterior of the net-zero, LEED Platinum Music and Science Building at Hood River Middle School was designed to match the existing main school building, a national historic landmark built in 1927. Finding the right brick material, color and proportion was a long, but rewarding process. The original building's brick was rug cut; however, modern rug cut brick differed significantly in appearance, so wire cut brick was chosen instead. To match the proportion of the five colors used in the existing main building, Opsis architects counted within approximately 200 square feet of the original building's exterior, recording the number of bricks of each color by which to base their design. A higher proportion of darker bricks on the base of the Music and Science building creates a subtle design detail. Brick was also used as part of pilasters in a rotated soldier course at a 45 degree angle, creating texture and contrast. Precast concrete was also used on the project, including decorative precast concrete benches, parapet caps, window sills and a large sundial above the main entrance.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Alec Holser
Company: Opsis Architecture
Phone: (503) 525-9511

Structural Engineer' s Name: Josh Richards
Company: KPFF Consulting Engineers
Phone: (503) 227-3251

General Contractor's Name: Mike Taylor
Company: Kirby Nagelhout
Phone: (541) 389-7119

Masonry Contractor's Name: Bill Smith
Company: Milne Masonry
Phone: (503) 658-6444

Masonry Supplier
Company: Mutual Materials
Masonry Supplier's Name:
Company: Wilco Precast