Type: Single Family Housing
Definition: New
Date Completed: 07/01/2009


Owner - Chris & Kim Moyer, Enola, PA
Architect - Landis Hardscape Specialist, Lebanon, PA
Engineer - Jay L Thome, Lebanon, PA
Masonry Contractor - Jay L. Thome, Lebanon, PA
Block Producer - Zimmerman Mulch, Lebanon, PA
General Contractor - Landis Hardscape Specialist, Lebanon, PA

Our concept was to incorporate all curves in the pool, and utilize them in the design of this project. The solution was maintaining the curves in the walls, pavers and steps, without distrubing the functional aspects of the whole project.

There were a lot of hills in this job elevation, so we had to use the walls as both decorative and retaining. Using the curve steps to enter the pool area gave us a level area around the entire pool. The walls also gave this job a unique look that sets this property apart from any other in the area.