Category: Residential
Location: Chicago, IL
Size: 9100 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: New Face Brick: Approximately 70,000 modular units Reclaimed historic brick: 10,000 modular units.
Submitted by: Vinci | Hamp Architects, Inc.

Project Description

This single family residence is located within an historic district in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. The property consists of a three-story common brick stable (c. 1873) and a one-story tapestry brick commercial building (c. 1913). At some point, the complex served as a dairy and later was converted to a sculptor's studio. The new house is focused around an interior courtyard, creating a light filled contemporary residence, unnoticed from the street and spaciously elegant within. The living, dining and kitchen spaces open directly to the courtyard, while bedrooms on the upper levels share three open air terraces.

The exterior envelope was restored in accordance with local landmark guidelines. A limited palette of materials (limestone and brick masonry, zinc sheet metal, Sapele windows and doors and terrazzo flooring) was deployed to create an elegant yet livable home. Sustainable strategies were passive rather than active: the reuse of an existing building in a dense neighborhood, the daylit courtyard, a highly insulated building envelope, and advanced lighting and MEP systems all minimize the project's energy consumption.

Brick has been the key building material on the property dating back to its 19th century beginnings. After decades of deferred maintenance, the property was in need of major repairs when acquired in 2008. Structural analysis revealed that major portions of the masonry would require reconstruction. However, the landmark ordinance required that the massing and character of the site be maintained. The challenge was to create a modern home within the existing masonry shell, all maintaining the historic masonry while integrating new work into the design.

Much of the three story stable was taken down and reconstructed, while most of the one-story building was maintained and restored. As a result the project required three different face bricks: a new product for the stable; Chicago commons on the sides of the one-story building, and brown tapestry brick on the storefront. In order to knit the project together, a sand molded product was used for the stable as well as interior terraces and courtyards. Its pink hues and irregular shapes complement the adjacent commons and give the project a distinctly Chicago feel.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Philip Hamp
Company: Vinci | Hamp Architects, Inc.
Phone: (312) 733-7744

Structural Engineer' s Name: Jim Kirk
Company: Enspect, Inc.
Phone: (219) 736-6002

General Contractor's Name: Jeff Berry
Company: Goldberg General Contracting, Inc.
Phone: (773) 279-9600

Masonry Contractor's Name: Mark Zenkner
Company: All Build Masonry
Phone: (630) 816-7733

Masonry Supplier's Name: Brent Schmitt
Company: Bricks, Inc.
Phone: (630) 730-5156

Landscape Architect's Name: Mimi McKay
Company: McKay Landscape Architecture
Phone: (773) 561-1227