Designed to provide patrons with the grandeur of a 19th century opera house, the Nancy Lee & Perry R. Bass Performance Hall certainly meets this objective with both elegance and exuberance. Of all the winning projects in our competition, this one inspired near rhapsody, due to the complexity and exquisite craftsmanship of the stone angels. Although the entire project required painstaking execution, the angel arms presented the greatest challenge because of the amount of cantilever. In multiple pieces, they are internally reinforced and incorporate special high-stress connections; stone plugs are epoxied over the ends of these connections.

Project team
Owner: Performing Arts Fort Worth
General Contractor: Linbeck Construction Corp., Houston
Architect: David M. Schwarz Architectural Services P.C./HKS Inc., Washington D.C.
Structural engineer: Walter P. Moore & Associates, Irving, Texas
Masonry contractor: Lucia Constructors Inc., Houston
Sculptor: Mßrton Vßr=, Irvine, Calif.