Category: Municipal
Location: Seal Beach, CA
Size: 26910 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 3500, 4” precision cut & 20000, 8” split faced units by Angelus. 400 Pittsburg Corning glass block.
Submitted by: URS Group

Project Description

This new facility supplements the existing Marine Corps Reserve Training Center by providing additional training space and joint use of the MCRTC facilities, as the 5th Battalion, 14th Marines required immediate relocation from MCRTC Pico Rivera to MCRTC Seal Beach. Designed to match its neighbor in the application of masonry materials, color, and banding crowned by steel framed clerestories for daylight: each building sited together, create a unified complex expressive of a specific military mission. Mason's Unique Role: A crew of fifteen (15) masons met all performance milestones and completed all masonry wall construction within budget and with zero lost-time safety incidents to facilitate the accelerated schedule. Innovative Design: The building's reinforced concrete masonry unit CMU) walls met anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) measures and UFC structural requirements. The structural walls are comprised of fully grouted load-bearing 8-inch CMU and metal stud walls, and masonry shear walls served to resist lateral loads. CMU lintels were designed to support connections from the blast-resistant glazing. Roof trusses were supported by girder trusses over CMU and are exposed to view at the drill hall, supply warehouse, and entrance lobby. The CMU exterior walls utilize a combination of bearing split-faced charcoal-colored CMU interspersed with smooth 4-inch taupe-colored horizontal banding with complementary stucco. This pattern is seamlessly tied in throughout the interior of the building and used to assist in path finding. Creativity: Enlisted personnel and visitors entering into the drill hall lobby from the main entrance are welcomed by the building's signature masonry banding pattern which continues along the main corridors leading to the administrative offices, conference rooms, locker room/restrooms, supply warehouse and classrooms. These central passageways benefit from recessed accent lighting which enrich the texture combination of the masonry. An acoustical deck system and sound panels function as sound absorptive material meeting the acoustical requirements in the drill hall. Aesthetics: Our design provided aesthetically pleasing, durable finishes appropriate to the building functionality. We coordinated with Naval Weapons Station to implement the base's criteria for the exterior architecture, ensuring harmonization with the surrounding buildings. The durable CMU walls complemented the existing architectural theme of the Naval installation. Cost Saving: Masonry walls act as thermal masses to improve indoor comfort. Natural daylighting is maximized through the use of various glazing materials, including Pittsburg Corning Decora glass block used along the south wall of the locker room. The clerestory windows in the classrooms were adjusted in height to work more efficiently with the CMU coursing. Workmanship: Seismic load and wind loads were considered in compliance with the specifications and building codes. The structural basis of design incorporated Building Occupancy Category II; Seismic Design Category “D”; Soil Site Class “D”; Seismic Importance Factor of 1.0; Spectral Coefficients Maximum Credible Earthquake (MCE) Ss equal to 164% g and MCE S1 equal to 61% g; basic wind speed equal to 85 miles per hour, wind importance factor equal to 1.0; and wind exposure category equal to “C”.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Steven J. Gottesman, RA
Company: URS Corporation
Phone: (916) 679-2076

Structural Engineer' s Name: Robert Trivison, P.E., S.E
Company: URS Corporation
Phone: (714) 835-6886

General Contractor's Name: Roy Mohammad
Company: RMA Land Construction, Inc.
Phone: (714) 985-2888

Masonry Contractor's Name: Steve Haxton
Company: Haxton Masonry
Phone: (928) 344-6174

Masonry Supplier's Name: Rick Crain
Company: Angelus Block Co.
Phone: (760) 250-3051

Landscape Architect's Name: Patricia Trauth
Company: URS Corporation
Phone: (858) 812-9292

Name: Catherine Suttle
Company: URS Corporation
Phone: (805) 658-0003