The Lions Den at River Run, Vermilion, Ohio
This 1575-square foot family retreat is a study in masonry. Earth-tone jumbo brick lend a weathered look to the exterior walls, while interior walls are crafted of sandblasted, scored gray and buff marbled concrete block. A manufactured stone veneer surrounds the full-masonry Rumsford fireplace.

Colorado's Ocean Journey, Denver, Colo.
The richly detailed brickwork on this aquarium seems to change shapes as the sun moves. Two brick colors are laid in alternating courses, punctuated by a rhythm of saw-tooth and soldier courses. The water table is textured with 10 courses in a houndstooth pattern. The cornice boasts 18 courses of corbelled brick. Control joints are articulated with a 1-inch recess of brick extending vertically up the 55-foot fatade.

Shaw Park Plaza, Clayton, Mo.
The grandeur of this 14-story neocolonial edifice cloaks four levels of aboveground parking. The lobby floor of this office building features a black granite border and base with patterned insets of colored marble. Tight site constraints mandated just-in-time delivery of brick and specific architectural precast units on the day of installation.