We have become much less formal in our dress, however many churchgoers still enjoy looking presentable when they attend services on Sunday morning. But there is no reason for the church building to also not look its best when the flock arrives.

Denver-based Building Restoration Specialties (BRS) recently completed renovations to the Monte Vista United Methodist Church in Monte Vista. The building, previously known as the First Methodist Episcopal Church, was added to the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties in 2003.

The walls of the church, built in 1922, are constructed from an unusual multicolored, shiny brick known as purple tapestry brick. No other building in Monte Vista is constructed using this type of brick, although it was common for the time period. BRS was able to tuckpoint and repair the building's damaged stone using matching stone leftover from a recent project. Workers also professionally cleaned two sides of the building.

"We like working in Monte Vista because the people appreciate it," says BRS President Rhonda Maas. "This project made us feel good because, through some necessary maintenance, we can set a good example for other building owners and ultimately improve the entire town's outlook."

The State Historic Fund provided a grant for the project. Further renovations will be completed as funding becomes available.

Denver-based Building Restoration Specialties was founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1996. With a bonding capacity of about $7 million, BRS is positioned to handle projects ranging from $2000 to more than $2 million. BRS is dedicated to preserving our architectural heritage using techniques and materials that always conform to state and national historic preservation guidelines. Learn more at www.brsrestores.com.