Category: Commercial
Location: Castries, NY
Size: 32000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Concrete Blocks = ave.18000, Concrete = ave.2000 cu yds, Architectural moldings 2200 linear
Submitted by: Master Builders Workshop

Project Description

In 500 words or less, explain the project and its unique use of masonry materials and techniques. : Objective To provide an innovative, cost effective method of producing architectural masonry construction units and systems.

Capabilities and compatibility - This method of practice has demonstrated that it has the potential and capability to revolutionize the masonry construction industry as a result of its low tech machinery product quality, cost effectiveness, and its limitless capability to produce any profile design, shape or size of masonry unit or system (building, landscapig and others)requested in quick time.

Todays common use of incompatible (substitute)architectural moldings(plastic,foam and others)as decors for masonry construction building is clearly apparent; due to lack of skill craftsman and the unavailability of lightweight quality detailed precast masonry units and systems in the masonry construction industry.Clearly the viability of masonry depends on its cost, which interprets in terms of (a) manufacturing, and job site cost (2) its initial/life cycle and environment cost. These factors had to be taken into consideration in the Research and Development of this innovative method of practice.

Background - This building project presented truly reflects the traditional appeal and charm of colonial architecture in the caribbean. The history of the Caribbean islands all include control by European, primarily the Spanish, French, English, Dutch and the indigenous people of the Caribbean (Caribe). It also consists of African slaves, indentured laborers from India and their descendants, all of whom contributed to the development of Caribbean Architecture. The Caribbean Islands are rich in its architectural history; which has influenced the present architectural trends in the islands both in design, craftsmanship and aesthetic value.

This developed method of practice has significantly cut the time and high cost associated with one attaining quality architectural masonry workmanship. The saving for using this architectural thin masonry unit system is twofold, that is producing and installing the said unit or system in quick time, requiring very little training.

Actual Presentation - Mr Nicholas John (owner) of this tasteful commercial building (office)located in Vigie, Castries (City)- an accomplish experience property developer, a lawyer by profession, commissioned me (MBW - c/o Martin Phulchere)to produce and supply all architectural masonry units and systems (moldings). Together we work as a team, developing sketches, followed up by providing him(the owner)with samples before finally approving products to be used.

Summary - This project has made significant and prominent use of masonry materials such as blocks, stones, clay products and architectural masonry.

Project Participants

General Contractor's Name: John Donelly
Company: Donelly Construction Limited
Phone: (758) 450-5561

Masonry Contractor's Name: Martin Phulchere
Company: Master Builders Workshop
Phone: (758) 518-3684

Masonry Supplier's Name: Martin Phulchere
Company: Master Builders Workshop
Phone: (758) 518-3684

Masonry Supplier's Name: JQCHARLES LTD
Company: JQC Ltd
Phone: (758) 450-2900