Category: Landscaping
Location: Brookfield, WI
Size: 4500 sq. ft.
Masonry Used:16 tons split-face granite fieldstone veneer, 709 CMU for footings & behind veneer.
Submitted by: Ginkgo Leaf Studio LLC

Project Description

We were given the opportunity to renovate the landscape around an architect-designed home. A contemporary take on the Craftsman style, the home's detailing included poured concrete piers and coping, along with split-face native fieldstone. We designed low fragmented garden walls in the front yard to mimic these details. Special attention was paid to the size of the granite fieldstone as well as the width and depth of the mortar joints on the house. In order to match the stonework on the home precisely, over 200 mortar samples were needed before we formed a match for the aqua-green color. We chose honed Bedford limestone for the wall coping to represent the concrete version on the home, matching the 4” thickness and overhangs.

The same stonework and detailing was used for the combination retaining/seat walls surrounding the rear patio. In one of these walls, plumbing and a stainless steel weir feed a pondless water feature. The focal point of the patio is the dramatic built-in fire pit seating, which includes a backrest. Like the garden and seat walls, 4” thick Bedford limestone was custom-cut in radial wedges with wing-like extensions on both ends. Before the stone was cut, a digital template was recorded on site after the fieldstone portion of the seat wall was built. To get the angle of the backrest just right, a full-sized mock-up of the backrest profile was drawn and compared to furniture seating. Unique beveled corners were added to all of the coping pieces to eliminate sharp corners that people could bump into. The custom blended aqua mortar was used throughout.

Project Participants

General Contractor's Name: James M. Drzewiecki
Company: Ginkgo Leaf Studio LLC
Phone: (262) 376-5050

Masonry Contractor's Name: Pat Devereaux
Company: Stone Oak Landscapes
Phone: (414) 289-9790

Masonry Supplier's Name: Mike Slagle
Company: Halquist Stone Company
Phone: (262) 246-9000 x144

Landscape Architect's Name: James M. Drzewiecki
Company: Ginkgo Leaf Studio LLC
Phone: (262) 376-5050