The floating Isle of Capri Casino in Lake Charles, La., features a dockside pavilion building with an eye-catching glass block tower. It consists of three steel-ringed walls, one on top of the other, and is made of 3,240 translucent glass block. At night, it is lit by sixteen 1,000-watt metal halide light fixtures. The successful integration of the glass block into a rigid structural steel frame required special design considerations in order to properly support the glass block , while permitting proper spacing for expansion and contraction of the structural system. The steel rings were prefabricated off-site. To build three glass-block circular walls that would float within the three structural steel frames, the masonry contractor fabricated three bent aluminum tubes to serve as guides; this allowed the three panels to be worked on simultaneously. Construction and curing of the walls took about four weeks. The glass block used measured 4x12x12 inches and weighed 15.3 pounds each; though smooth on the outside, they featured interior vertical ribs on one side and interior horizontal ribs on the other. Each of the completed steel ring walls weighed between 40,000 and 44,000 pounds. When stacked one on top of the other, they measure 33 feet 6 inches high from their base on the pavilion structure, which had an elevation of 65 feet 9 3/4 inches. Because of the height to which the final ring had to be elevated, a 400-ton hydraulic truck crane was brought in. It had the capacity to lift the 22-ton load to the desired elevation (110 feet above ground level). A pink steel frame supporting an illuminated parrot is the only structure higher than the glass block tower.