• Deteriorated tile-paver flooring, exposed to the harshest of conditions, posed special challenges in the renovation of a meat processing plant. The owner wanted to renovate to increase production without adding space. Removing all the equipment from the meat boning room created a rare opportunity to repair, renovate, and protect the floor. A survey disclosed several problems. A solution was proposed: Silica-fume topping
  • A bed of epoxy mortar
  • Acid-resistant baked-clay tile pavers
  • Expansion joints
  • New stainless steel floor drains

The floor schedule was a tight 3 weeks. When deterioration was found to be worse than expected, structural repairs became necessary.An inspection two years later showed the floor repair to be successful. The one area for improvement was in the expansion joints, which did not hold up to forklift traffic. Flexible urethane sealant could minimize the spalling.