Category: Institutional
Location: Tulsa, OK
Size: 60000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Over 44,000 pieces of cut and many carved Limestone and 24,000 CMU
Submitted by: Advanced Masonry, Inc.

Project Description

The First Presbyterian is Tulsa's oldest church, with a proud history dating back to 1845 and the days of Indian Territory, even before the founding of the town. The current 1,200-seat English Gothic sanctuary was completed in 1925. With this new 60,000-sqaure foot expansion it allowed the 2,600-member congregation to meet under one roof. From the beginning the members of this church and their major donors were determined to recreate and remain true to the quality of the original English Gothic building. They retained Cyntergy AEC to bring their vision to life complementing the original church. The most challenging task was to create a new 150' spire tower to match the ornate details of original to give the structure greater balance.

In 2008 the church presented a rendering to Flintco, Inc., the General Contractor, and asked them to provide a budget for this project. They immediately called on Advanced Masonry, Inc. to assist in the project. This team managed to survive the bidding and selection process and together helped to develop a plan to provide this job with all of its natural challenges on a schedule unheard of when this type of construction was done in centuries past. The remarkable thing is that, thanks to the devotion of the members of this church, everything on the original renderings from 2008 was completed on the building in 2012. This included stone arched walkways which formed a cloistered courtyard like those seen mainly in European cathedrals. The fact that they maintained the natural limestone veneer throughout, sets this project apart.

Indiana Limestone Company overcame numerous challenges to provide this stone. Without their experience and craftsmanship this would not have been possible. Advanced Masonry's skilled craftsmen meticulously assembled the stone like a puzzle and coordinated the installation of over 40,000 pieces of limestone. Thanks to Hydro-Mobile for helping to conquer the challenging scaffolding at the tower with bridges suspended over the existing sanctuary, which allowed the men to work safely and never cause the church to cancel any of their normal functions.

The limestone exterior of the addition matches the existing building in color and style. The excellent design and craftsmanship that is displayed throughout every detail of this project is extraordinary. The stone carvings and grand arches of the Spire Tower are not often even attempted in modern times.

This is truly a project that was a major team effort from the Architect, General Contractor, Masonry Contractor and all of their suppliers. But, mostly we wish to thank the Church itself for allowing us to use our skills in this magnificent way. We hope you will consider this for your Masonry Project of the Year.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Greg Ward
Company: Cyntergy AEC
Phone: (908) 887-6000

General Contractor's Name: Kevin Saley
Company: Flintco, Inc.
Phone: (918) 587-8451

Masonry Contractor's Name: Mark Rose
Company: Advanced Masonry, Inc
Phone: (405) 680-9000

Masonry Supplier's Name: Duffe Elkins
Company: Indiana Limestone Co.
Phone: (800) 457-4026

Masonry Supplier's Name: Vince Irwin
Company: Irwin Supply - Hydomobile Supplier