This combination fireplace, barbeque smoker, and rotisserie was constructed using a variety of CMUs, brick, random cut stone, natural stone, marble slabs, and glass block. The unique, medieval-look creation sits on the lawn of the mountaintop home of designer and builder Jeff “Craw-dad” Cross, owner/operator of Charnic Masonry Construction, Prattsville, N.Y.

The base is 10-ft wide x 5-ft deep x 12-ft high, while the barbeque cooking area is 4-ft wide x 3-ft deep and easily converts to the fireplace with the opening of a hinged metal door. There is a second hinged door under the barbeque/fireplace to easily remove the ashes.

The twin side parapets feature hinged stone doors with stone knobs. The interior is lit by glass blocks and houses cooking supplies. The electric motor and gear box are housed in the left parapet. Both parapets are vented to the rear to prevent any hot air buildup.

Smoke is extracted by a pair of 12-in x 16-in. flues over the fireplace/barbeque area. A unique damper that uses a car shifter as the grip shuts down to divert smoke to the rear smoker. Doors to the smoker are hinged marble with stone knobs. Two recessed stone seats in the rear add to the character of the masonry design.

In the front upper center, above the fireplace/barbeque, is a unique design depicting Cross' other love – rebuilding and fabricating classic cars. The stones are displayed to depict a classic car grille, complete with real headlights that light up for after-dark enjoyment and entertainment.

The semi-retired mason enjoyed working on the fireplace for over a year. He spent less than $500 for materials.