Category: Residential
Location: Indian Wells, CA
Size: 5760 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 30% of house walls 70% of site and garden walls.
Submitted by: Sean Lockyer AR+D, LLc

Project Description

In 500 words or less, explain the project and its unique use of masonry materials and techniques. : Masonry was chosen as one of the main structural and aesthetic wall materials for this project because of its beauty when each unit is planned for and exploited to its full potential. The idea of masonry as a primary building material is also an example of the scale and size of the masonry units themselves, in conjunction with the labour of the men and women installing these units. The process of masonry installation, where any human being can take a small concrete block and continually repeat its installation to create an end product of a much larger scale, seemed an appropriate material and method which reflects our troubled economic climate.

The projects use of masonry walls is also an example and demonstration of the beauty and modernity of raw materials. Allowed to remain in their natural state, to expose the raw, rugged, timeless, and contemporary texture and scale of the masonry, these walls give birth to a low maintenance and timeless beauty rarely achievable in alternate materials.

In addition, various custom details were created throughout the masonry walls including: recessed custom light fixtures, specially cut blocks for recesses for hvac grills, lighting, window shade and glass pockets, boulders projecting through walls, custom electrical plates and sockets, etc...

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Sean Lockyer
Company: Sean Lockyer AR+D LLC
Phone: (760) 322-3339

Structural Engineer' s Name: Reza Arzgharpour
Company: R.A. Structural Engineers
Phone: (760) 771-9993

General Contractor's Name: Sean Lockyer
Company: Sean Lockyer AR+D LLC
Phone: (760) 322-3339

Masonry Contractor's Name: Joe Velasquez
Company: Velasquez Masonry Inc.
Phone: (760) 831-3868

Masonry Supplier's Name: Symeon Finch
Company: Orco Block Company
Phone: (951) 849-7891

Landscape Architect's Name: Sean Lockyer
Company: Sean Lockyer AR+D LLC
Phone: (760) 322-3339