Size: 13,000 SF
Type: Single Family Housing
Definition: New


Owner – White River Hardwoods, Fayetteville, AR
Architect/Designer – Robert Sharp Architect, Inc., Fayetteville, AR
General Contractor – Sunrise Custom Homes, Rogers, AR
Masonry Contractor – PMI Performance Masonry Inc., Winslow, AR
Masonry Supplier – Stone Legends, Dallas, TX
Landscape Architect – Land Form Designs, Fayetteville, AR

This replica of a Scottish Castle features four million pounds of stone on the house and another million pounds in the landscape. As with true castles, it has a look in areas of being 500 years old, then 300 years old, and 100 years old. At times there were up to 24 masons working on the crew, and most of the time at least 12 masons were on-site.

Hydro Mobile “P” Series was used to construct the masonry. PMI custom built a Bennu monorail to fit the “P” Series, to help lay the heavy stones. The masonry base of the castle is 5 ft. thick and tapers to 8 in. thick at an 80 ft. elevation. It has a 1 in. water drain board between the Tyvek and stone which drains water down to the flashing system. Some of the large window lintel stones weight 4000 lbs. All cast stone are connected with Tapcon screws and welded to the steel framework.