Category: Repair / Rehabilitation
Location: Arlington, VA
Size: 86000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used:170,000 pieces of brick.
Submitted by: Manganaro MidAtlantic

Project Description

Manganaro MidAtlantic was responsible for all of the exterior masonry work of Dominion Towers, which also included installation of previously non-existent relieving angles, roofing modifications, and custom aluminum exterior finishes. To complete the project, they implemented their One Voice, One Team management system which allows Manganaro to coordinate their diverse groups of skilled workers under a single highly trained project manager. This ended up saving the JBG Companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and valuable time on the project when unforeseen complications arose.

In order to replace the façade, Manganaro was required to remove 16-in high bands of bricks, with a total of five courses, at each level of the building in order to reveal the 8-in floor slabs beneath. Relieving angles were installed on every floor level to support the new layers of brick to be installed and prevent future sagging. On top of this, they also included a through-the-wall flashing system to keep the walls sealed from water on the face of the building. Manganaro then replaced the original five rows of red brick at each level with a contrasting white brick that redefined the building's exterior with a new architectural presentation.

Manganaro successfully met challenges they encountered, most importantly being that they had to make repairs on the building that was 98% occupied during the time of the project. Manganaro dealt with the nearly full occupancy of Dominion Towers by dividing the X-shaped building into four V-shaped quadrants. They repaired two faces at a time in a floor-to-floor scaffolding sequence in order to minimize the disruption construction brought to tenants. As a result, the flow of work was much more predictable and Manganaro could inform tenants which area and level of the project they would be working on each week. Manganaro helped to ensure the safety of tenants entering and exiting the building by carefully controlling access zones and setting up overhead protection. Work crews carefully maneuvered heavy equipment through parking lots that served 500-plus vehicles.

Other challenges included there were no flashings in places where Manganaro thought there would be, and the slab edge conditions were not per the original documents. In addition, the existing brick was further out of tolerance from the years of expansion and contraction than they had expected. With the distances from the face of the slab edge to the face of the existing brick wall being much greater than anticipated, it resulted in a large number of varying size angles; twelve instead of the projected two.

Utilizing their One Voice, One Team management system provided Manganaro with a real advantage in the industry and for their customers by saving time and money. The successful restoration of Dominion Towers has encouraged other property managers in the area to contact Manganaro about similar repair and restoration opportunities. In addition, JBG has recommended Manganaro for several new projects.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Anna Major
Company: Fox Architects
Phone: (202) 659-0929

Structural Engineer's Name: Michael Goss
Company: Rathgeber/Goss Associates, PC
Phone: (301) 590-0071

General Contractor's Name: Jonathan Lane
Company: Manganaro MidAtlantic
Phone: (301) 937-0580

Masonry Contractor's Name: Jonathan Lane
Company: Manganaro MidAtlantic
Phone: (301) 937-0580

Masonry Supplier's Name: Roland King
Company: Potomac Valley Brick

Masonry Supplier's Name: Tom Weston
Company: The Weston Company