Category: Commercial
Location: Chesterfield, NJ
Size: 7,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 289 total cubic yards: 88 cubic yards of 3,000psi and 201 cubic yards of 4,000psi.
Submitted by: Ivy Construction

Project Description

The historical background of this building dates back as far as the late 1300's. It is the precursor to today's greenhouse or plant storage building which utilizes a steel or aluminum support structure.

Consequently, with the desire to replicate the Orangerie in Paris, France, we felt the insulating merit of the ICF system and the light deck floor system would prove invaluable. The building has improved air quality by ICF, no toxins are released into the air and the walls are air tight and reduce infiltration creating a mold free environment and eliminating drafts and cold spots. In addition, in order to support the architectural amenities we required a wall system strong enough to support a parapet composed largely of granite. Because of the need for a high level of sunlight penetrating the plant storage building the ceilings were particularly high and demanded large window and door openings. The steel reinforced concrete walls make the above possible. Environmental factors were considered in the construction as waste of materials was minimized. The need for fewer resources in heating and cooling results in increased energy efficiency. The radiant floor heating system also reduces the heat loss as well as improving air quality.

Project Participants

Owner: Lothar Ehrich, Ivy Construction

  • Architect/Desinger: Lawrence Korinda and Lothar Ehrich, Ivy Construction
  • Structural Engineer: E.L. Donalson, Alexcom & Associates, Inc.
  • General Contractor: Lothar Ehrich, Ivy Construction
  • Landscape Architect: Lothar Ehrich, Ehrich & Ehrich Landscape Architects
  • Other: Mershon Concrete