Size: 900 SF
Type: Single Family Housing
Definition: Addition
Date Completed: 02/29/2008


Owner - David Collari, Jacksonville, FL
Architect/Designer - David Collari, Jacksonville, FL
Architect/Designer - Paul Richman, Jacksonville, FL
Structural Engineer - Paul Richman, Jacksonville, FL
General Contractor - Paul Richman, Jacksonville, FL
Masonry Contractor - Paul Richman, Jacksonville, FL
Masonry Suppliers - Cash Building Material, Jacksonville, FL; Boral Bricks, Phenix City, AL
Custom Hardwood Door - Professional Interiors, Jacksonville, FL
Stain Glass Windows - Pella Window and Door, Jacksonville, FL

David Collari, owner of a beautiful 1930's English Tudor Manor home, commissioned Paul Richman to help him enhance the exterior of his residential property. The property is located in the historical tree-lined neighborhood of San Marco consisting of large affluent homes next to the Saint John's River in Florida.

The homeowner's aim was to complement his wonderful landscaped gardens, then combine the exterior in fitting with a magnificent home interior, all reflecting his creative side and combined love of tradition art and architecture; in his words "to fulfill a fantasy of the mind with a little sense of humor," using masonry as the main component.

The project was divided into three parts:

a boundary wall with unique spiral columns
a Gothic-arched entry to pool area
a rear-addition working balcony and breezeway augmented with an elegant façade including amenities of an outdoor grill and paved sitting area

The function of the main construction is a downstairs entry reception area, with sheltered exterior breezeway supporting an upper terrace with a commanding vista. Structural reinforcement was concealed within the architectural masonry construction.

Unique features are multiple elliptical keystone archways supported by custom-built rounded columns (every brick cut-to-size) with base pedestals. An antique lantern is centered over the main elliptical keystone arch. A rounded turret was built on the corner (with a light installed) with an opposing square turret. The construction of parapet walls was augmented and finished with sloping battlement detail. Finishing touches include a rope tile border, a coat of arms, a triumphant crown and a pair of classical stone lions.

The design began as sketched-out ideas drawn on napkins. Materials to blend with surrounding structures were considered and minimal specialty brick were purchased to reduce costs. Almost the entire project was built using stock brick from one local material supplier. Each clay brick paver was custom cut-to-size on site. The pavers were used extensively, mainly for their rough matching texture.

Before any brick was placed, the mason laid out building units to get proportions and even spent time building a small scale model of paper to give visual dimension to the sketches. The homeowner traveled to various antique vendors for hard to find items to incorporate. The mason was able to incorporate these reclaimed finds in the project's construction. On-site innovations were common with the concealment of rainwater drainage through supporting columns.

A creative appearance, unique envisioning ideas with traditional craftmanship incorporated into details, was always the goal. The mason applied his European background, 5 years of British brick-laying apprenticeship, 30 years of masonry experience and 200-year masonry family ancestry, to the success of this project.

To summarize, this project was built using stock brick, lots of imagination and many innovations to fulfill an architectural masterpiece through the beauty of creative brick design.