Category: Mixed Use: Retail, Office, Residential, Grocery
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Size: 700,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: IMS Masonry (MCAA Member); 4 other masons involved; Products: 4x2.25x16, 6x2.25x16, 8x2.25x16 Atlas structural clay brick; 4x2.25x12, 4x2.25x8 modular facing brick and various other sizes; Precast Concrete; CMU
Submitted by: Taubman Properties

Project Description

While the economic conditions of these past five years have crippled most cities, the timing of City Creek Center was ideal for the people of Salt Lake City. The downtown center resembled a hive of bees as 1100 construction workers toiled on a 23-acre site, over three city blocks, adjacent to the Mormon Temple. City Creek Center was completed March 2012.

Surrounding architecture would set the style and the standard for the new center and for the selection of exterior facing materials. Brick and stone were selected for their aesthetic tie to adjacent buildings and for their durability. To tie to adjacent architecture, the brick were required to match the 2-1/4” high by 7-5/8” face dimension and be of similar texture and color.

The building envelop design was further complicated by the need for 100-year life materials in every layer of the wall. This included brick, wall ties, insulation, air and vapor barrier and studs. It was critical to the overall success of the building envelop that thermal bridging and wall tie penetrations be eliminated or drastically reduced.

In addition to the material specifications, several requirements had to be met. The first challenge was to provide a design that would comply with the high seismic requirements of a building located in downtown SLC. Rigid masonry materials had to comply with the ductile, drift requirements of multistory buildings. Earthquake design dictated that each heavy, articulated precast concrete panels would be incorporated into the brick wall which would require unique support conditions.

Because of the complexity of the wall envelop, the brick were designed as structural brick veneer.

The original wall system design looked at 8-inch-long long brick in various widths, but this concept was labor intensive. To reduce labor costs, specially designed 16-inch-long long structural brick with special coring and slotting were developed to capture the architectural charm dictated by the face size.

City Creek Center elected to use a Structural Brick Rainscreen Curtainwall comprised of 6”x2- 1/4”x16” and 8”x2-1/4”x16” Atlas Brick. In some conditions heavy precast concrete panels hung from the brick. In others, the precast concrete was supported by the structural brick.

A single brick with different slotting on the front and back of the unit further reduced the number of different brick on the project. This had a significant effect on reducing labor costs. In the detail to the right a 16-inch column was constructed by flipping the front and back side of the same unit to give a two or three brick appearance. Various thicknesses of structural brick were used to support the heavy precast concrete pieces hung from the brick and to withstand the high seismic forces dictated by seismic Category D code requirements.

Project Participants

Partner: Taubman Properties

Architects: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca; Portland; Hobbs and Black, Ann Arbor; Callison Partners, Portland (Total of 8 architectural firms involved on entire project)

GCs: Jacobsen Construction; Big D Construction; Oakland Construction