Category: Institutional
Location: Carmel, CA
Size: 297,000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 2,000 sq. ft. 24x24 split face veneer, 2,500 sq. ft. 24x24 L returns, 700 sq. ft. 24x9 honed veneer, 220 sq. ft. 24x9 L's
Submitted by: Carmel Unified School District

Project Description

The limestone used on the Carmel High School Performing Arts Center is a major aesthetic component of the Architectural expression of this building.

Stone Masonry was used on the most prominent surfaces experienced by the public including the full-height columns and walls of the formal entry plaza as well as interior walls in the lobby. The rough split face surfaces and large unit size help create an experience of monumentality, permanence and connection to nature. The stone is of a color that is consistent with the natural "Carmel Stone" found on the site and commonly used in retaining walls and walkways not only on the Campus but throughout the community. This enhances the building's special connector to this "place."

The contrast of the rough monumental stone with the smoother slate pavers and the fine wood finishes creates a dynamic contrast adding a sense of drama appropriate for this building.

Mechanically anchored to the structure, the limestone blocks are split-face finish and 24" x 24" x3" thick with smaller honed blocks used as accent bands. Corner blocks are "L" shaped to appear solid.

The mason was required to dress many of the stones on site to enhance alignments at the grout points and the many highly visible corners. Because each condition was unique and critical to the aesthetic impact, this was a collaborative process which included field reviews by the Architect and the preparation of special documents to guide the mason. This process had to respect the particular nature of each individual stone as well as the collective impact of the complete assembly to maximize the intended impact.

Many of the stones received a final dressing after they were installed so it was critical that the mason exercised exceptional craftsmanship in achieving an acceptable installation while preventing any fracturing or over-cutting of these large 250 pound units.

Project Participants

Owner: Carmel Unified School District

  • Architect/Desinger: Peter Kasavan, Kasavan Architects
  • Structural Engineer: Scott Haggblade, Donald Urfer & Associates
  • General Contractor: Dan McAweeney, DMC Construction
  • Masonry Contractor: Giuseppe Patania, Patania Masonry
  • Masonry Supplier: Bruce Woolpert, Graniterock
  • Masonry Supplier: Mankato Kasota Stone