Category: Historic Restoration
Location: Ft. Leavenworth, KS
Size: 35,780 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: 1,314 sq. ft. Ashlar Stone Veneer, 464 pieces Cast Stone, 650 sq. ft. Courtyard Permeable Unit Pavers, and 7,314 Brick Units.
Submitted by: JE Dunn Construction

Project Description

Building 465 in Fort Leavenworth, KS was originally built in the early 1930's to serve as a hospital for the inmates of the United States Disciplinary Barracks. As a primarily brick structure, there was a large amount of tuck-pointing and brick replacement which was required to the building exterior due to years of neglect and general vacancy of the building. As the original bricks were fired on site by inmates, they were a custom size which was only available from a single source in the required colors, while still maintaining the LEED requirements for local and regional materials. In addition to the 3-wythe brick walls of the main structure, a lower band of limestone was also in place which required replication in many areas. The historic front porch to the east of the building also required complete replacement due to deterioration of the structure. As part of this work, new split-face stone veneer was utilized to replicate the appearance of the limestone while still allowing adequate space for the structural concrete structure within. The exact dimensions of the existing porch were maintained and the original limestone was re-utilized elsewhere on the building exterior for in-fills which were required to reverse the effects of multiple renovations which occurred during the previous 80 years of use. All locations of masonry work were closely reviewed to ensure the historic building fabric was being maintained. At the request of the United States Government, all work which replicated the original building was "toothed-in" while new work required for the building upgrades was left with visible seams to accurately reflect the historic features of the building as compared to the new.

The existing roof carried a cast-in place concrete cap on the parapet wall which was unattached and slowly sliding off the building. This was removed and replaced with cast stone profiles which identically matched the original color and pitch of the concrete. This installation occurred on the main roof, as well as the Penthouse and sub-roofs. A new mechanical enclosure was added to house the new chillers and the brick facing of those walls was installed to match both the color and pattern of the existing building. Finally, the west courtyard was renovated to add a large area of permeable pavers adjacent to limestone-wrapped seating walls which also serve as planter boxes for students within the facility. A large medallion carrying the crest of the United States Armed Forces was embedded within the hardscape of this courtyard. In addition to the numerous exterior upgrades, work was also required on the internal building structure. Many CMU units within the existing elevator shaft required replacement along with interior masonry work at fire escape openings which were turned back into windows per the original building design. All work on site was monitored consistently by the Post's historic representative, and the Kansas State Historic Preservation Office.

Project Participants

Owner: Amanda Chirpich, United States Army Corps of Engineers

  • Architect/Desinger: Amy Eckhoff, Gastinger Walker Harden
  • Structural Engineer: Kathy Hagen, KH Engineering Group
  • General Contractor: Donald Tennyson, JE Dunn Construction
  • Masonry Contractor: Donald Tennyson, JE Dunn Construction
  • Masonry Consultant: International Masonry Institute (IMI), Glastonbury, CT
  • Masonry Supplier: Brock Ford, Midwest Cast Stone
  • Masonry Supplier: Evan Schnegelberger, Kansas City Brick
  • Masonry Supplier: Phil Latessa, Midwest Block and Brick